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Liste de Naka

MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: His real name is Mc'NakaMura (Irish father)
Jadwin kibitzes: it's "McMura"
viva-mitya kibitzes: poor rook tied to back rank
miser whispers: Holland is a province of the Netherlands.. Holland is not a seperate country..
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: He changed his name FRom Hikaru Smith
capagris kibitzes: naka is american and Fischer an icelander,........ funny, isn't it?
felixkat whispers: And certain TRDITION an CULTURE REMAINS ! But as far as you love and legally become an American citizen , that is all !
Cambalino kibitzes: you have two hollands then
bigmac kibitzes: bigMcMura
monkjunk whispers: does anyone care?
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: Naka is as American as Sushi--so there!
patzerforlife whispers: holland and netherlands aren't the same?
goldenogre kibitzes: b4 the last cartridge
Cambalino kibitzes: amsterdam capital off the netherlands not from his provence
blackmoses kibitzes: b4 then what?
capagris kibitzes: Who is Sushi... a WGM? :)
Jadwin kibitzes: Be4....zzzz
Retired81 whispers: he's Polish Nakamuraski
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: Sushi Polgar
capagris kibitzes: hahaha
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: héhéhé
Jadwin kibitzes: it's sliding downhill by the second for Mamedyarov
patzerforlife whispers: it will all be benelux soon anyway
Ursula kibitzes: Nakaberg (yiddish)
StarkL(FM) kibitzes: who is sushi?
Cambalino kibitzes: no way benelux
viva-mitya whispers: fi chess
taotehking whispers: btw: fischer is half german half swiss german and not american or icelandic, altough politically he is.
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakadupont (french)
Game 2: Ceejayed moves: Be4
Retired81 whispers: now Bf7!!
Cambalino kibitzes: fisher 100% american
Ursula kibitzes: Bf7
Jadwin kibitzes: btw He's an American, or was when he won the WC, now we've disowned him.
Cambalino kibitzes: born there
Carwash kibitzes: Nakaroni Italian
patzerforlife whispers: Kf2
Ceejayed kibitzes: Sushi Polgar? Have you been down on her?
Cambalino kibitzes: no up
RueeLopaith kibitzes: if naka had been born in the US but moved to another country when he was two, none of you same lot would ever say he was am American.
felixkat whispers: or Kf2-e3 -d4-e5-f6or d4-c5-and Kxb5!?
taotehking whispers: if fis_c_her was american, he would not agree to sep11 2001
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakapoulos greek
PawnGoneBananas whispers: bf7
Jadwin kibitzes: Kf2
Cambalino kibitzes: he was yeah
Jadwin kibitzes: And black can resign.
Carwash kibitzes: Van Naka Dutch
felixkat whispers: now Kf2!
motsoko kibitzes: t guessthemove kf2
capagris kibitzes: Nakablanca, cuban
Ursula kibitzes: Nakarininen (finnish)
taotehking whispers: Nakamürü - türkish.
Retired81 whispers: he's Jewish, Nakamburg
taotehking whispers: nakamuric - yougoslavic
PawnGoneBananas whispers: nakatl = aztec
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: Naka can't run for President so maybe he's not American after all.:-)
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakathorssen Icelander
Retired81 whispers: lol
siena kibitzes: ich bin ein nakaburger
felixkat whispers: Nakalekhine -Russian
taotehking whispers: nakameier - swiss
Haakon kibitzes: nakamurov
goldenogre kibitzes: nakamumurara (martian)
Ursula kibitzes: Nakanegger (bavarian)
taotehking whispers: LOL
capagris kibitzes: LOL
felixkat whispers: Nakasparov +Russian
Cambalino kibitzes: nakamugo (african)
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: Hikarugaukoulos= Greece
macshaq whispers: this is funeeee
Ceejayed kibitzes: van Nakhausen (austria)
capagris kibitzes: nakandela (southafrican)
Kingway(IM) kibitzes: kf2 looks simple here
VikingChess kibitzes: LOL
felixkat whispers: Nakablanca=Cuban
Ceejayed kibitzes: ehhehe
Cambalino kibitzes: nakazaki (motorhead)
dave68 kibitzes: nak aussie
macshaq whispers: nak namarra..french
Ursula kibitzes: Naka Swims with Dolphins (native american)
Carwash kibitzes: el Naka Spanish
Jadwin kibitzes: Naka has about a four foot putt here for birdie.
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakhabsbourg
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakassata siciliana
Seingalt kibitzes: McNamara - Irish
capagris kibitzes: haha Ursula
VikingChess kibitzes: u guys can really be amazingly funny:)
Cambalino kibitzes: nacaskalpsa
Cambalino kibitzes: azteks
taotehking whispers: nakãmurrrã - spaniard
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakatl (aztec)
macshaq whispers: nakascalper apache
Jadwin kibitzes: Black has no play here... he must resign.
Ursula kibitzes: Nakaitza (Mayan)
goldenogre kibitzes: lol pawn
Carwash kibitzes: kanamura dislexic
PawnGoneBananas whispers: % ]
siena kibitzes: is there a nak fan web site to record all these insights?
capagris kibitzes: nakaldin~o, brasilian
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakastratosphic (comic)
Morrowind kibitzes: 33. Kf2
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakazata =Italiano
Retired81 whispers: Nakauout loco
Jadwin kibitzes: After the tourney, Naka is flying to Guatamale to guess star on Survivor.
Cambalino kibitzes: nakakakapuko
felixkat whispers: Nakadorf =Polish
VikingChess kibitzes: Nakespeare (litterar)
Cambalino kibitzes: :)
miser whispers: Nakadamas the Seer..
PawnGoneBananas whispers: nakamole (mexican)
VikingChess kibitzes: hahahahha
capagris kibitzes: haha
Carwash kibitzes: Nakamorphy New Orlens
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakamute
Ursula kibitzes: Nakakwayne (African-American)
goldenogre kibitzes: Nakadamus(vampyr)
Cambalino kibitzes: :))
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakabracadabra (magician)
felixkat whispers: Nakanderssen=German
Cambalino kibitzes: nakacula
X-paroni kibitzes: NacDonalds
VikingChess kibitzes: LOL
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: NakaHoma Indian baseball legend
lozanis55 kibitzes: hahahah nakacadabra
VikingChess kibitzes: Zek! Is it possible to get a transcript of this???!
siena kibitzes: george w. Nakamura . . .unpopuler politician
taotehking whispers: there are also words like nakaphobia, patzamura, nakahurry, nag amoura, any many others
Ursula kibitzes: Nakabeebimbop (Korean)
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakamicia
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Naka-abandonner
felixkat whispers: Nakaito +Japanese
Cambalino kibitzes: nakamaica
stany kibitzes: Maurice is right. He has an irish father. Later i dropped the Mc in McNakamura, because he found it silly. To his father's regret..
miser whispers: hmmm.. wonder if GM Nakamura has a "plant" to observe this on ICC.. taking notes of names of us who "add" to his name.. naw.. that's cold war times mentality.. hehe..
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakasparov
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: NakaGanja---Jamaican
Cambalino kibitzes: :)
ccie1 kibitzes: Nakadyarov ..azeri !
Retired81 whispers: Naka-u-out
Jadwin kibitzes: Currently Naka is ordering out for pizza on cell phone.
schweppz kibitzes: nakaswanathan Sri lankan
Carwash kibitzes: William Jefferson Nakamura Former President
Cambalino kibitzes: nakajanja i like
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakamsky
goldenogre kibitzes: Nakedsamura
Jadwin kibitzes: *And I want double anchovies on that ... pepperoni...*
Cambalino kibitzes: nakaganja i mean
felixkat whispers: 33 Kf2
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakattura
Ursula kibitzes: Nakaguergenidze (Georgian)
taotehking whispers: highkaru - jamaican
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakasutra (in bed)
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakasso (painter- blue period)
Cambalino kibitzes: :)
Toniolo78 kibitzes: N'hikaru
dave68 kibitzes: nacerd me
Cambalino kibitzes: nakasutra i scool
Jadwin kibitzes: we seem to have lost the thread here somewhere.
thespiritoftal kibitzes: Nakana Jameson how to make love like a ...
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakamasutra:P
Cambalino kibitzes: nakasumatra
Jadwin kibitzes: h4!
Seingalt kibitzes: Hey Nakamura! (mexican)
ccie1 kibitzes: is this the Naka channel
BobbyTal kibitzes: argh!
PawnGoneBananas whispers: naka-hamaca (Yucatán)
Theodulf kibitzes: Nakkhtimakt (Kif)
Jadwin kibitzes: h4!
Jadwin kibitzes: h4!
Retired81 whispers: Nakamoron
Cambalino kibitzes: nak off
X-paroni kibitzes: Naked
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: Nakasutra yes he loves weird positions.
PawnGoneBananas whispers: nakamoron (american)
miser whispers: yes, the GM Nakamura Fan Club channel... hehe JK..
goldenogre kibitzes: Nakaquarium(dreaming)
taotehking whispers: lol@alek
Toniolo78 kibitzes: NAkakiller
taotehking whispers: n aka mura
SoulFly kibitzes: what's wrong with you people? LOL
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakamuller
lozanis55 kibitzes: naka moron
taotehking whispers: n aka murda
Cambalino kibitzes: its naka day
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakamoron (USA)
X-paroni kibitzes: Snoop Naka Nak
Ursula kibitzes: Nakacirquedesoleil (clown)
lozanis55 kibitzes: haha
Jadwin kibitzes: h4, then exchange bishops.. and we get down to brass taxes
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakalamaru
Theodulf kibitzes: Náka (House of Durin)
Cambalino kibitzes: nak nak nakking on heavings door
taotehking whispers: lol
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakaloca
SoulFly kibitzes: lol
goldenogre kibitzes: Naka son of Nakku
javablanca kibitzes: blech.....
felixkat whispers: von Nakakof =German -
Retired81 whispers: paroni that's the best 1
ccie1 kibitzes: NakaCola
Ursula kibitzes: Naka the Gray (Istari)
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Jack Nakamurelsson
MDR whispers: this game still going on?
bigmac kibitzes: nakanaka who's there?
patzerforlife whispers: crappy swiss relay must be down again
miser whispers: GM Nakamura says: Sticks and Stones my hurt my bones, but my chess pieces will kick your king's arse any day of the week.. hehe..
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: Some one cut and paste this to message him with lol
lozanis55 kibitzes: nakandelic (phyco)
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Hikara (Colombia)
Cambalino kibitzes: on nac over the naka nest
MindRide kibitzes: FLIP
Theodulf kibitzes: So how's the game btw? :-)
felixkat whispers: why not?
javablanca kibitzes: need to go to nakanonandon
PawnGoneBananas whispers: which game=
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Fra Nakasitra
PawnGoneBananas whispers: ?
Cambalino kibitzes: nakamania
Jadwin kibitzes: h4 is the move, I think.
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Naka W. Mura (political)
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakamole with pollo
taotehking whispers: nakathon - greek
javablanca kibitzes: thus spoke Nakathushtra
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Fra Nakasinatra
Jadwin kibitzes: Or Kf2!
Cambalino kibitzes: :)
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: lol java
RueeLopaith kibitzes: spake not spoke
javablanca kibitzes: true
Jadwin kibitzes: Could one of you guys get me some fresh coffee?
Jadwin kibitzes: Thanks.
Ursula kibitzes: Na Ka (egyptian)
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: NakaJovi great guitarist
siena kibitzes: nakamurasaurus - dinosaur
goldenogre kibitzes: NakaSpok (startrek)
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Naffee yu mean
Cambalino kibitzes: i hope naka can see this later
felixkat whispers: Psiquiatrist ! Dr Nakamania !
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakasaurus
miser whispers: fresh coffee? do we have to slap it ?.. hehe JK..
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakatastrophic
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Dr Naka and Mr. Mura
Jadwin kibitzes: I need a bowl of cereal.
bigmac kibitzes: NakAfee security software
StarkL(FM) kibitzes: Mama owns Naka
Cambalino kibitzes: :)
capagris kibitzes: Nakatrina, hurricane
Ursula kibitzes: NakaCrunch (cereal)
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakafritos
goldenogre kibitzes: nakafritos lol
bigmac kibitzes: NakaNachos!
Cambalino kibitzes: i like nakafee
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakascata
goldenogre kibitzes: nakafritos everyone inblitz
Cambalino kibitzes: like nescafe
Retired81 whispers: Nakaflakes
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakatyusha
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakadascar
knoxon kibitzes: naka mac
goldenogre kibitzes: Nesnakos(coffe)
Ursula kibitzes: Mary Nakay (cosmetics)
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakaland
siena kibitzes: Nakows XP, new from Murasoft
VikingChess kibitzes: lol
ccie1 kibitzes: is this Naka still running
VikingChess kibitzes: Nakavista
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Mura'snak
javablanca kibitzes: blech.....
Ursula kibitzes: The Wrath of Nakan
Retired81 whispers: Nakasee Nakadoo
felixkat whispers: better than MacAffe? and running !!!
knoxon kibitzes: no naka cant run..he is to fat
goldenogre kibitzes: running fast!
AlekhinesGun kibitzes: NakaHomey the rapper
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakavista is the Nakapital of Nakaland
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakaland (USA)
bigmac kibitzes: Nakarita (drink made with Nakaquilla)
Cambalino kibitzes: nakaimovitch
capagris kibitzes: nakabond, secret agent
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakadriguez (mexico)
Jadwin kibitzes: He's considering something really bad here, I'm afraid.
knoxon kibitzes: nakabush as president
Cambalino kibitzes: yes
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: today is Nakalloween
goldenogre kibitzes: Nacaragua (....)
capagris kibitzes: haha
PawnGoneBananas whispers: lol
PawnGoneBananas whispers: haha
felixkat whispers: inexahustable NAKAMURA !
Retired81 whispers: X-mura
VikingChess kibitzes: nakenhora - norwegian (naked whore)..
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakitammuerte!(Napoletano)
Ursula kibitzes: Nakalamazoo
Cambalino kibitzes: nacaarmstrong
PawnGoneBananas whispers: nacaragua % ]
VikingChess kibitzes: lol
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakapoleon (warrior)
Toniolo78 kibitzes: NaKakà!!
felixkat whispers: Makamurism ! an STYLE !
Jadwin kibitzes: Do NOT do it Naka...
Cambalino kibitzes: nakabrevnjev
knoxon kibitzes: nakamurer in danish needs a norwedian explanation
capagris kibitzes: Nakorleone (mafia chess player)
VikingChess kibitzes: hehe
Kingway(IM) kibitzes: nakatoon (cartoon show)
goldenogre kibitzes: Just do IT ! (Naka)
Cambalino kibitzes: nakalian
VikingChess kibitzes: haha
Jadwin kibitzes: Kf2 appears to be win.. so don't get fancy.
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakantante
felixkat whispers: Don Nakarleone !
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: Nakatacha (his sister)
Cambalino kibitzes: nakamara
Retired81 whispers: good 1
revengeska kibitzes: that's what i was thinking.. Kf2
X-paroni kibitzes: she's got big naka's
VikingChess kibitzes: lol
Toniolo78 kibitzes: NakaRum!
PawnGoneBananas whispers: Nakamura (chess p´layer)
Toniolo78 kibitzes: NakaRoom!
felixkat whispers: centralize and protect e2l
Retired81 whispers: achachachanaka..jimmy durante
Cambalino kibitzes: nakadoom
goldenogre kibitzes: Nakakirri ! (proverbial)
VikingChess kibitzes: this must have been the funniest 15 minutes on ICC ever:)
knoxon kibitzes: nakanakkeost
PawnGoneBananas whispers: naka naked (horror film)
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakarakhiri!
Wolverine3 kibitzes: Does white need to be concerned with ...b4
Ursula whispers: Nakaritaville
RKO is now an examiner of game 2.
Toniolo78 kibitzes: Nakasville!
MauriceBlanchot kibitzes: NaKahoolic
JohnJR(IM) whispers: nakaturk
goldenogre kibitzes: naka added
Cambalino kibitzes: nakayork
VikingChess kibitzes: Nakaschvili
Retired81 whispers: Copacanaka
felixkat whispers: Naka Mura =a bull!
Ursula whispers: N a.ka.
Cambalino kibitzes: nakayorka
goldenogre kibitzes: the N.A.K.A (spatial agency)
Bort kibitzes: Naka swims with dolphins
Dondragon kibitzes: these lines in game was straight forward
LaskerFan kibitzes: naka willy
Jadwin kibitzes: correct Bort
NYoung kibitzes: nakabond
Cochrane kibitzes: naka eats dolphin burgers
Jadwin kibitzes: Fritz = home boy.
Lobster kibitzes: Nakatoff.
LaskerFan kibitzes: from naka with love
Bort kibitzes: when nakamura jumps into water, he doesnt get wet. The water gets Nakamura

Kibitz (commentaires et délires divers) recueillis sur ICC (International Chess Club . pendant les parties Nakamura-Mamedyarov - Lausanne young masters - 18-19/09/2005
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